In 2024, I’m teaching myself JavaScript. I’ve written a fair amount of JavaScript over the past 30 years, but I’ve never learnt the language deeply. I’ve always learnt just what I needed to know to get by. Being mostly focused on backend development, this was fine.

Recently, I’ve found myself needing to write more and more JavaScript. And I’ve even been needing to use frameworks like React too. I’ve found it frustrating that I don’t know the fundamentals of JavaScript and how/why certain things behave the way they do.

I really enjoy teaching and as ironic as it may sound, I learn best by teaching. In the past I’ve written hundreds of tutorials, articles and YouTube videos on various development topics that have all helped cement my own development knowledge. And that’s what I’m doing with this website.

This site is being written by me as I progress and learn new things about JavaScript. I’m starting at the beginning and writing notes on everything that I learn along the way. Soon I’ll do some videos too on the topics that I’m writing about.

I hope you enjoy the site and learn a lot.

Why Self-Taught JS?

I’m a self-taught developer. When I was 16-ish, I taught myself to code and have built a very enjoyable career as a developer. There is no reason why you can’t teach yourself to code too, and become a “Self-Taught” JavaScript developer.